At ON2U, we work under the most sterile conditions possible. Cross contamination prevention is practiced at all times; this is one of the best ways to ensure a sterile environment. Gloves are worn during all procedures and anything that may come in contact with bodily fluids is covered with a layer of barrier paper and changed between each customer. The work areas are always sprayed down with high-level disinfectants after each procedure.

I use an autoclave as my principal method of sterilization, and all items are stored in proper autoclave packaging. All jewelry is autoclaved. All of my needles are single-use and disposed of in a biohazard sharps container. Other instruments that cannot be disposed of, such as tapers, piercing tubes and forceps, are thoroughly disinfected and autoclaved between each use.

I also use and ultrasonic cleaner on these items which literally shakes loose any debris, that cannot be removed by hand, by sending ultrasonic waves through a cleaning solution.

To ensure that my autoclave is working properly, a biological spore test is performed monthly and tested by the University of Saskatchewan sterilization program.






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