Tips for a good piercing experience

  • Eat, as this will keep your blood sugars up and will reduce the chance of fainting or lightheadedness.
  • Bring friends, this will help reduce any anxiety and make it a fun experience.
  • Avoid excessive drinking the night before or the day of your piercing.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of coffee as this thins the blood and will make your piercing take longer to clot.
  • Trim or shave the area to be pierced.
  • Wash area to be pierced thoroughly.
  • For children and infant ear piercings, bring something to calm or soothe them following the piercing. For infants two people must accompany the infant for the piercing.
  • I will consider using your own jewelery for your piercing provided that it is free of scratches, has not been worn by anyone else. This jewellery must be appropriate size for the site, which will ultimately be decided by me.





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