About Veronica

Veronica has been interested in various forms of art since a very young age. She has always directed herself in paths that are “different” and she strives to try things that are new and exciting. This has pushed Veronica into exploring her strengths and to develop her talents.

After overcoming a great fear of needles herself, she graduated from Dental Assisting in Calgary from SAIT, she started using her skills and knowledge that she obtained from school and was fortunate enough to be involved in the artistic expression of others through body piercing and started apprenticing under a very experienced and well known body piercer/tattoo artist from Calgary, Jake DeSade. Being in the piercing industry for many years previous to knowing and apprenticing Veronica, Jake was able to train Veronica into his very own protégé of his expertise and precision.

In 1997, feeling confident after 2 years of apprenticing, Veronica had the necessary skills, to set up her new business as a professional body piercer in Saskatoon and has been offering her services as a professional body piercer ever since. Currently she works out of her own studio ON2U Body Piercing and Tattoos at 101B 20th St. West, Saskatoon.

Veronica has kept very busy with her 20 year piercing career, while also working as a Certified Dental Assistant for the past 15 years at various dental offices in Saskatoon, and being a mother to her wonderful 3 boys. Through all of her experiences she has gained a wonderful bedside manner, is thoughtful in her work, and if you have been pierced by her… you’ll know it by her precision, and swiftness with the needle.

She has an amazingly compassionate demeanour, allowing her clients to feel comfortable and relaxed during their piercing experience. As she also believes in natural and alternative medicine, she offers a natural remedy to help ease and comfort anyone experiencing anxiety before their piercing experience.

Working in dental offices has also given her many opportunities to work with children. As a result, she is currently the only professional body piercer in Saskatoon to offer and specialize in child and infant piercings with a needle. Everyone needs a safe alternative, even infants and children. Read why gun piercings are unsafe and why the needle is so much better. Her shop offers high standards of sterilization, for each client. She strives to ensure each client receives a positive piercing experience.

“My profession as a body piercer is one that I am genuinely proud of, it allows me to express my love for art through alternative forms of beauty.” Check out Veronica's Instagram !

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